Pacific Coast

I’m in Seattle, about to take the Greyhound out to Yakima to see my cousin Ingrid for a day or two.  I only have time to upload some pictures from the trip along the Pacific coast.  More details later.

Astoria Bridge

Open Road


Brief moment of sun

Hike near Lake Quinault

Massive driftwood near Kalaloch, WA



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  • Janice

    Loved the photos Matthew! Am proud of you–big time! Gave your website address to Herve. He’s quite excited about your trip.

    Take care. Love, Mom

    PS Hi to Ingrid

  • Kelly Johnston

    Hey Matt – I finally made it to your blog! We’ve been thinking of you. Your photos are beautiful! Can’t wait to see more.


  • Dear Matt, thank goodness we know at last where you are at this point. I had been wondering if you’d ever send us your blog’s URL. Again all good wishes and even more power to you on your extreme adventure. I’ll be running along to keep up-to-date on every detail of your 18-month-long Pan-American pedaling. Was that you who called out my name as you were biking southward and I was running northward just south of Monroe Street on the bike path on June 2 or 3? That would top any of our famous genial biking-running coincidences over the last two years. Warm regards.–Edwin, 2009 June 26, Chicago

  • You are my hero, Matt. I’m looking forward to following your adventures.

  • mattkelly

    Thanks folks for the comments! Come back soon for more updates.

  • Marie Claire

    I’m so jealous. Do you know the name of those berries? They look delicious.

  • mattkelly

    Good to hear from you Marie Claire,
    The berries are salmonberries. They were quite tasty!

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