Cajamarca, Peru

How many days in a row can you say “This was my favorite day in Peru so far!”?  Apparently at least 4.  Last time I updated from Leimebamba I had spent another day riding along the Utcubamba valley.  That was favorite day 1.


11500 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. Another 500 mile update.  Apparently scrunching my eyes makes talking for the camera easier.  I realize hearing the names of small towns in Peru might not be terribly exciting, I’ll try to have a map up for the next update.

Leymebamba, Peru

Hello from Leymebamba in the quiet valley of the Uctubamba river. Unfortunately no pictures for now, will have to wait till better internet connection. After two rest days in San Ignacio, back on the dirt road. Except it would only last 33 more miles, then the pavement began! It was nice for a change, the [...]

San Ignacio, Peru

The past week has been one of those where I kept telling myself “Holy Cow, this sure is bike touring!”.  I finally got my package from Optimus stoves in Loja, so am back in business with plenty of O-rings to last me for quite a while. In Loja, I had to choose between essentially two routes [...]


Up until now I’ve been taking a picture of me and my odometer every time it rolls over another thousand miles (~1,600km). A few days ago I passed 11,000 and I decided to begin taking a quick video every 500 miles so to keep you updated on the places I’ve gone through. After watching this [...]