Tula, HID

[HID stands for Hidalgo, the 7th Mexican state on bike.  Maybe I should just spell states out, especially if I may only be writing one post from them?] Today was a day of contrasts.  I left Atlacomluco with an idea that it was going to be hectic.  I had spend time online looking for information [...]

Atlacomulco, MEX

[MEX stands for Estado de Mexico, or the State of Mexico.  For clarification on the difference between Mexico City, the State of Mexico and the Federal District (the country of Mexico's capital), click here]. I set out today from the old cobblestoned town of Tlalpujahua, famous for its nearby mine that operated for many centuries. [...]

Morelia, MICH

[MICH stands for Michoacan, the 5th state so far in Mexico on bicycle] Well I’ve not gone too far since last updating 3 weeks ago (but I have done my best to keep my location on the map updated).  After stopping by in Patzcuaro on my way back from Mexico City, I returned to Guadalajara, [...]