Ash Fork, AZ

Yesterday marked the 5,000th mile of this journey since starting in Alaska exactly 4 months ago. After having survived several well below freezing nights, John (he’s got a much more detailed description of our last days together than I’ll ever get around to writing up) and I opted to split a cheap motel on old US [...]

National Parks-5 Matt-1

After a few great weeks of weather and cycling in Utah, I thought to myself, unfortunately, the only place morale could go from there was down if something came up along the road. While things were still looking good at Jacob Lake, just north of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I ran into [...]

General Delivery

I’ve had folks ask me if there is a way to send me things.  I’ve finally gotten my act together and planned ahead enough where I know where I’ll be in a week.  If you send stuff out on Monday, it should arrive in plenty of time.  I should be arriving in Prescott Wednesday or [...]

Orderville, UT

Orderville is aparently named after the United Order, a short-lived Mormon communism of sorts. I am glad to be 2,000 feet lower than last night, which was a little chilly.  I need to get out of the mountains! Depending on my route, probably my last night in Utah!  On to Arizona.

Cardamom Bread

The first package I’ve received on the trip was sent by my mom and picked up in Escalante. [Note:  I don't usually eat breakfast outside women's bathrooms, I just happened to be behind a closed rest stop, finding some shelter from the wind]

Back from hiking

Made it back to Escalante safe and sound. A few things: I still have a few odds and ends of food left over from British Columbia.  I am making a point of eating them up. I am about 700 miles away from crossing into Mexico. Did I mention I was out of bear country?  At [...]