Going to go hiking in the canyons near Escalante, should be back Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ll be hiking in Coyote Gulch, which I’ve been to two times already.  It will be cool to see in the fall as opposed to the spring.

Escalante, UT

Despite having enjoyed the company of familiar faces on this trip, I have yet to see somewhere that I already know, up until today.  One of the biggest reasons I didn’t take the more traditional coastal route south through the USA is the canyons of southern Utah. Today was the first day that I’ve retraced [...]

Boulder, UT

Escalante or bust!

Torrey, UT

Yesterday was just about a perfect day.  It started out in Sigurd, UT, right by interstate 70, at maybe 5,200 feet.  Not a single cloud would appear in the sky the whole day, but it never got too hot.  The day started with a climb up to 7,300 feet, and back down to 7,000 before a [...]

Gunnison, UT

A lot has gone on since last updating from WY.  Today was the first day this month that I woke up in my tent and it was above freezing.  In fact, it was over 50°F. After the night in the motel in Afton, I ran into a couple from Germany.  They had also spent the [...]

Afton, WY

I decided that after 3 months and over 4,000 miles on the road, it was time to treat myself to a motel!  It has been snowing on and off all day, and the road just ahead goes over a 7,600 ft pass, which I wasn’t up  for trying in this weather.  Things should be clearing [...]