Torrey, UT

Yesterday was just about a perfect day.  It started out in Sigurd, UT, right by interstate 70, at maybe 5,200 feet.  Not a single cloud would appear in the sky the whole day, but it never got too hot.  The day started with a climb up to 7,300 feet, and back down to 7,000 before a climb up to 8,300 feet.  The grades were never too challenging, so it was rather enjoyable.

The approach into Torrey was just what I’ve been waiting for this whole trip.  Around a corner and suddenly it appeared.  Three strips of color; on the bottom, a fluffy yellow-green of grass and sagebrush, on the top, an infinite empty bright blue, and in the middle, a burning mix of reds, pinks and oranges.

I’m now headed to Escalante, canyon country, but I am not sure I’ll make the 64 miles today.  From 6,800 feet here I’ve got a climb for the first 25 miles up to 9,300, the highest elevation of my trip so far.  I’ll be happy just to get that done today.

I better get going.  Once again, not a cloud in the sky.

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  • Dennis Carlson

    Wow, I am glad you cam climb 3,400 vertical feet in a day and say it was never challenging! You must be meeting the most interesting people via! Keep on pedaling! I think I heard it is supposed to be 102F in Phoenix, AZ area , so if you are heading that direction at all, things should be warming up very soon!

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