On my way to Alaska

Had a great week in Seattle, just finished packing everything.  Am flying to Fairbanks tonight, have a layover there, then will meet my French cycling companion Baptiste (he says his nickname is Bat, but I think Baptiste is a much cooler name), who is flying in from Vancouver. Tuesday 7:30am I take a plane to [...]

Pacific Coast

I’m in Seattle, about to take the Greyhound out to Yakima to see my cousin Ingrid for a day or two.  I only have time to upload some pictures from the trip along the Pacific coast.  More details later.

Highway 101

Just a quick note from Aberdeen, Washington. My parents dropped Luke and I off in Rainier, Oregon on Thursday, and we biked west to Astoria, where we then crossed North America’s longest continuous truss bridge.  Despite this intimidating label, traffic was light and crossing north into Washington was fun. The moment we crossed into Washington [...]


Currently working on getting this mess into my bike bags.

Wrapping things up

My life these past two weeks has been a Rube Goldberg machine that somehow deposited me just in the nick of time at the Amtrak station in downtown Chicago to catch my train to Portland. I wrapped up things at my job, had at least five goodbye parties, a couple 5am meetups to row on [...]

Goodbye Chicago

I finished up at work just over two weeks ago so that I could have more time to enjoy time with friends in Chicago, and to pack up my life and be ready to be gone for a year and a half.  Time has flown by, I’ve been thinking about this trip for over a [...]