On my way to Alaska

Had a great week in Seattle, just finished packing everything.  Am flying to Fairbanks tonight, have a layover there, then will meet my French cycling companion Baptiste (he says his nickname is Bat, but I think Baptiste is a much cooler name), who is flying in from Vancouver.

Tuesday 7:30am I take a plane to Prudhoe Bay, and will spend the next 8 days biking 500 miles south to Fairbanks.  Until then I’ll have very limited internet connectivity.

Talk to you all later!


Despite having a bike box and a 70lb (!) duffel bag, the Seattle airport was quite painless.  I am now waiting for my flight to Fairbanks.

Many thanks to the Larsens for their warm hospitality and to Kjel for helping me run a bunch of errands the past few days for some last minute supplies.

Among the things I got:  A second fuel bottle for my stove, a long sleeve base layer, food (duh), the Alaska Milepost (of which I cut out the pages of my planned route through Alaska and Canada), socks, mosquito net for my head, a bunch of batteries.

Things I forgot:

  • mayonaise

I had big plans to grab handfuls of mayonaise packets everywhere I went the past few weeks, but I forgot, oh well.

Since I’ll be above the Arctic Circle, and the solstice was only last week, I’ll have several days starting Tuesday morning where I will not see the sun set.  We’ll see how this affects the sleeping and riding schedules.

The weather says 30s and 40s F in Prudhoe Bay, which will be an incentive to bike fast southward, where it is somewhat warmer.  Hopefully nothing 7 winters in Chicago won’t have prepared me for.

Once again, adios.

9 comments to On my way to Alaska

  • Kristen

    No mayo? I hope you collected butter pats! I can’t wait to see more pictures! Regards, Kristen

  • Tania Medina

    Hey Matthew!! Pues veo que las cosas van bien. Como que se te olvido la mayonesa??!! Thats sooo important! Ay Mateo ya ves… pero bueno te deseo lo mejor y seguire checando lo de tu ruta y como vas.xoxo

  • paula lira

    hola matthew!!!!!! espero te acuerdes de mi!!!! soy amiga de tanis fuimos a ver rudo y cursi jajajajaja.

    espero que este viaje sea una super experiencia y que no dejes de mantenernos al tanto de tus aventuras.. aqui te apoyamos!!!!!!! pronto saldras en tv por favor no te olvides de mencionarnos jajajaja

    cuidate suerte

  • Cooper

    Matt this is so awesome! You are doing it! Have fun on that amazing Dalton Highway! Looking forward to more photos too.


  • Linder

    you are one crazy ma-mofo! enjoy that sun man, hope you take plenty of pictures at 2am when it’s still completely daylight. god bless matto and be safe, looking forward to getting your next update when you get the chance. have fun bro!

  • dray howard

    matt,we are friends of k&e doudt.we will be praying that God shows you His creation in a life changing way.also may the blood of Jesus be over you.adios mi hermano

  • hairlesscat

    NO MAYO? How can you survive the northern wilderness without Hellman’s!? Tell me you remembered a generous tub of Daisy sour cream. It’s critical. CRITICAL.
    Warm greetings, Madame Amanda J. Freund, Jr.* Signed the first day of July, in the two thousandth and ninth year of our lord. In New Courier font face 12.
    *Note “Junior” is to be presented as abbreviated text, in the traditional French fashion.

  • Aunt Karen J

    Hi Matt,

    There’s a show on the History channel called Ice Road Truckers. Neil was surfing last night and stopped on it. Turns out they were showing Dalton Hwy with lots of snow and ice and semis sliding around. It was fun for us to see some of the places you are riding.

    Hope all is well. Our best to you and Baptiste!

  • mattkelly

    Folks don’t worry I ended up grabbing a handful of mayo packets from the Fairbanks airport before I headed out.
    Kristen, I also took some butter pats from a cafe later down the road. It makes a good addition to oatmeal, pasta and cheese sandwiches.

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