Huehuetenango, Guatemala

I left Comitan, Chiapas, where I spent my last night in Mexico and began a long descent into a valley.  At the bottom there was lots of agriculture and a few irrigation canals with rather clean looking water, even kids swimming.  It was hot and I was tempted to go swimming, but I wanted to [...]

¡Hasta luego México!

I got to Mexico over four months ago, but have been off of the bike for at least two of those months. A week in the Copper Canyons, a couple days in Mazatlan, 3 and a half weeks in Mexico City and Veracruz, 10 days in Guadalajara, a week in Morelia, a week in Cholula, [...]

Tapanatepec, OAX

All throughout the night I could hear the wind, it was to the point where I closed the windows so the curtains would stop flapping about.  I got up this morning not quite enthusiastic about leaving, but didn’t really want to take a day off yet. The first 10 miles were difficult, but doable.  I [...]

Juchitán, OAX

Its been many weeks since my last update, but I hope you’ve been checking in once in a while to see my progress on the map and my Twitter updates which show up in the right column on the homepage. Thank you all for the birthday messages! I have fond memories of birthdays in years [...]