Bozeman, MT

A comment on the blog from my Uncle Neil requesting an update has been heard!  I’m sure he isn’t the only one wondering what I’ve been up to for the past week.

Bigfork, MT

So far, loving Montana!  Hiking for 3 days in Glacier National Park with a backpack left me sore and stiff, but I was glad to be back on the bike yesterday.  I’m still not very sure of my route through Montana, but it will likely involve stops in Missoula and Bozeman.

Back in the US of A!

Hello to all! This is Matt’s sister Karen passing his latest update along. After not hearing Matt’s voice for about a month it was great to once again see a number on my caller ID that I did not recognize. At about 8pm Matt called to say that he has made it across the border [...]

Pincher Creek, AB

Since the start of my trip I’d been using The Milepost guidebook every step of the way when making decisions.  It was a great resource for mileages between cities and services along the road.  Finally being off The Milepost marked a transition of being done with the Alaska and Canda portion of the trip.  I’m [...]

Canmore, AB

Though I had expected a whole day off in Banff yesterday, I took off yesterday and made it to Canmore, just down the highway.  From here I’ll be taking a gravel road along Spray Lake (the Smith-Dorrien Trail), then down Alberta Hwy 40 and other rural roads to Pincher Creek.  I will be a nice [...]

Banff, AB

A quick note for those of you that probably will be at a computer in only a few hours (you probably have an office job or something), as I may not update again until later tomorrow, Tuesday. I arrived in Banff just as it was getting dark.  Cold after a few days of rain and [...]