Bigfork, MT

So far, loving Montana!  Hiking for 3 days in Glacier National Park with a backpack left me sore and stiff, but I was glad to be back on the bike yesterday.  I’m still not very sure of my route through Montana, but it will likely involve stops in Missoula and Bozeman.

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  • Karima


    I saw Ingrid’s pictures of your time in the park, so nice! Welcome back to the states. I am enjoying this posts very much.

    Good travels to you,

  • Keith Johnson

    We should be around tonight. We live close by church, give us a call when you get in 442.2755

  • Uncle Neil J

    Hi, Matt — We would love a report on your journey. The yellow highlighter on our map is still stuck in Glacier! (Really enjoyed hearing about your days with Ingrid & seeing her pictures).


    Mateo Saludos deste la bella ciudad de Mexico.espero que cuando llegues por aqui en ese fantastico recorrido pases a visitarnos nos dara mucho gusto tenerte por aqui por favor avisanos
    de tu llegada


    Raúl & Lupita y Levy Mena

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