Huascarán National Park

Hands down one of the most incredible days of cycling on this trip. I’ll try to let the pictures do most of the talking. I had caught up with Greg in Huaraz, and Torrey and Lucie, who I met in Trujillo, had made it there as well, so we headed out together.  South, upvalley for [...]

Notes at 16,000 Feet

16,000 Feet from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. By far the highest elevation so far on this trip!  The day consisted of climbing from the highest overnight campsite yet at 4,100m (13,500 feet) to just under 4,800m (15,700 feet), then a downhill of about 500 feet and then up to 4,884m (16,023 feet)*, but at that [...]

Huaraz, Peru

I was eager to get out of Trujillo, in the week I was there I had seen only a few hours of sunlight.  When I arrived after coming down from the mountains I was sure it would be warm, as it was on the coast and in the tropics.  But because of cold ocean currents [...]


12000 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. More or less what I’m saying when it is too windy to hear me: “From Cajamarca i had another few days in the mountains before a pass at about 13,800 feet [new record] and then the next day I biked down from 12,000 feet of altitude down to sea [...]

Trujillo, Peru

Almost 3 weeks since I last posted (but as usual, I’ve been adding short updates via Twitter). After a few days off in Cajamarca, Dylan, Greg and I were ready to find some quieter towns. That we did. First to San Marcos, then to Cajabamba. I woke up in Cajabamba and knew things Weren’t Good. [...]