Notes at 16,000 Feet

16,000 Feet from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

By far the highest elevation so far on this trip!  The day consisted of climbing from the highest overnight campsite yet at 4,100m (13,500 feet) to just under 4,800m (15,700 feet), then a downhill of about 500 feet and then up to 4,884m (16,023 feet)*, but at that moment I didn’t realize it was actually that high.  It is hard to describe the effects of the altitude, other than you and your brain move really slow.  Breathing for the most part was OK, as long as I didn’t try moving too fast.  The views in Huascaran National Park were incredible, stay tuned for pictures later today.

*(according to the guys from who did it a few years ago).   Also check out Jeff Kruys’ blog, he and another cyclists camped at the pass and got a little snow over night.

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  • Steve Holmes


    What amazing scenery you are riding through! Everything in Peru just seems to be on such an epic scale–and you are handling it well. Major respect to take on 16000 foot hills. The beard is looking good too! God speed and I look forward to following future installments of your adventures.

    Mr. Holmes

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