Even More Observations

Even More Observations from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

Cuenca, Ecuador

I arrived in Cuenca early Saturday afternoon, though really shouldn’t have arrived until yesterday or today. Here’s what has happened the last week or so. I’ve had more than plenty of time to write an overly detailed account.

Latacunga, Ecuador

[The smudges on the lens are from taking a picture of the mushrooms frying in butter...] After a week of rest and relaxation in Quito, Dylan and I headed out through Cumbaya and Tumbaco, towns to the east of Quito, and made our way to Sangolqui. From here we headed south, the road turning into [...]

More Observations

More Observations from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. A sequel of sorts to Observations.  Starring Greg [blog], Dylan [blog], kids who love to run and bike alongside us, the city of Medellin and the countryside of Colombia and Ecuador.  And a garbage truck in Tulcan that plays a little Andean ditty.

Altitude Trumps Latitude

Or, why folks in the Midwest are roasting and my toes are chilly. 3,000m is approx 10,000 feet.