Sopa Tarasca

My brief stay in Patzcuaro, in the state of Michoacan on my way back to Guadalajara was a pilgrimage of sorts.  I had already been there twice on school trips.  One evening during my last visit about 9 years ago, we were served sopa tarasca (Tarascan soup).  This delicious bean and tomato based broth is [...]

On the road again

After two and a half weeks in Mexico City, I am making my way back to Guadalajara on bus.  I’ve decided to break the trip up, and will be getting as far as Morelia and then Patzcuaro today, and then the rest of the way on Tuesday. Aside from vendors and beggars, Mexico City’s underground [...]

Naucalpan, MEX

[Naucalpan is but one of the many smaller city entities in the state of Mexico that makes up the metropolitan area of Mexico City.  The capital of Mexico is the Distrito Federal, much like Washington DC is the capital of the USA.  The state of Mexico borders most of the Federal District.] I last updated [...]