On the road again

After two and a half weeks in Mexico City, I am making my way back to Guadalajara on bus.  I’ve decided to break the trip up, and will be getting as far as Morelia and then Patzcuaro today, and then the rest of the way on Tuesday.

Aside from vendors and beggars, Mexico City’s underground Metro train also has its share of creative performers looking for some spare change. In the past few days I witnessed some singing, a clown, a comedy routine, and today on my way to the bus terminal, a young man walking on shards of glass…

Metro Stunt

As and aside, I am writing this from the bus that is taking me from Mexico City to Morelia, which offers WiFi internet on board.  How the world is changing!

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  • Michelle Nicolet

    Unbelievable! And to think that I can’t even get a cell phone signal on the subway in Chicago.

    Happy to hear that you had a nice break over the holidays with family and friends. Safe travels.

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