Final Observations

Final Observations from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

Anyone visit here anymore? I’ve titled this video Final Observations in keeping with the names I gave the other videos I started putting together in Central America. The scenes are all from Peru and Bolivia, which to me was the high point of the trip, both because of the mountains and the great cycling to be had. After Bolivia came Argentina and Chile, but I don’t know if I’ll be making a video from there.  However, I have spent a while sorting though and editing a bunch of pictures from the last few months of my trip, I’ll be adding those here soon.

Since I last updated about 5 months ago, needless to say, I’ve been living a life much less transient than the previous two years.  I live on the north side of Chicago and work part-time at REI in Northbrook and more often than not commute the 28 miles round trip on bike, though sometimes I take the Metra for part of the way. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about life of touring the bike. I often remind myself how much I missed Chicago, but I also am still getting used to being here after being gone so long. Bike travel is still on my mind, but it will be a while before I can save up and go on another extended trip.  For now I content myself with long rides in the Chicago area and Wisconsin. But I miss the mountains very, very much!

A few days after my interview on WTTW, a political science professor from DePaul University here in Chicago got in touch with me.  Dr. Harry Wray has taught a class called Biking and Politics for the last 10 years, and asked if I would talk to his class this fall. His class focuses on the place of biking in a city like Chicago, and he takes students on trips every week to experience different aspects the city. I’ll be joining his class this Friday at 3pm to tell his students about my trip.  It is open to the public, so folks in Chicago are welcome to come.

[EDIT Oct. 5]

I’d like to share this video that has had over 2 million views online, coincidentally, it was uploaded to YouTube the same time I posted my video a week ago. A song with verses that speak of the people and places of Latin America, and a chorus that reminds us that the most important things in life cannot be bought. And an opening scene set in some very Peruvian mountains.

7 comments to Final Observations

  • Darin

    Oh yes, I’m still a pedalpanam junkie. I love the video. You have a great eye, Matt, and I love all the different angles. Have you thought about video editing as a side job?! Wish I could attend the lecture Friday… to you.

  • Matt, excellent video. Peru and the altiplano in Bolivia, especially the Salar de Uyuni, is a unique environment and your video captures it better than anything I’ve seen. It seems as if big challenges bring out the best in a person. And you really have a great eye for shooting video and for editing it. I agree that you should consider video editing as a hobby or perhaps a career. For sure I will miss your videos, and I am hoping you do some more about the long days in Argentina and Chile on the way down to Ushuaia.
    Have you considered giving talks at your local REI store? That’s what I have done about my own trip in California and Washington. If I’m ever in Chicago I’d like to swing by your REI store and maybe we’ll do a joint presentation.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Paul Lindman

    Matt, some of us have kept you on our RSS feeds. It was great to get this video. I join the 2 before me to suggest you consider video editing in some way in your future plans. Maybe we will meet sometime. All the best! Paul

  • Ruth

    I definitely still read this!! And, as always, loved the videos. Amazing. While you daily think about bike touring/bike life, I pretty regularly miss reading this and seeing you! (I also know of a great short trip from through WI from one city to another midwestern city).

  • Wow. Stunning montage. Just saw this because I was sharing the link with a friend who toured the west coast for a couple months and was talking about Aventure Cycling’s magazine today. Much as I like my new house (homemade applesauce! Romanesco! (= fractal broccoli) pesto! marinara! blackberry mead!) it makes me want to be on the road. For couple weeks at least.

    When are you moving out here? : )

  • matt e

    I hope the presentation went well. i would have loved to have been there.

  • Susan McCausland

    Just happened to check in. Glad to see something on there. Look forward to your future endeavors. got a place for you in boulder if you ever get itchy feet for an area closer to home.
    Take care

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