La Quiaca, Argentina

Woo Hoo!  ”Only” 5121km (3182 miles) to go!  I think this number seems a little high, but at any rate, it all depends on the route I take.  But it was fun to see a sign for my end point! About 12 hours in Argentina and I can tell you things are rather different than [...]

Tupiza, Bolivia

Yesterday I arrived in Tupiza, which is only 60 paved miles ride away from the Argentina border and at about “only” 2,950m (~9,700 feet). For about the past 4 weeks I’ve been above 3,000m, and for the past 3 weeks and 800 miles, never below 3,650m  (~12,000 feet), along the rather flat altiplano of Peru and Bolivia. Perhaps not a [...]

Uyuni or Bust

A quick note before I leave Oruro, I’m on my way to the Uyuni salt flat.  I’ll most likely be without internet for the next week, on a particularly rugged part of Bolivia.  The salt flat has been on the top of my list ever since I set off on this journey.  It is several [...]


13500 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

Care Package

This will be a rather self serving post! Having my friend Hawk come visit me soon will be a good chance to have some stuff brought down. As much as I’d like it, it will be impossible for him to bring things like a Golden Crust pizza or some orange chicken from Panda Express. I’ve [...]


Flat from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.