Care Package

This will be a rather self serving post! Having my friend Hawk come visit me soon will be a good chance to have some stuff brought down. As much as I’d like it, it will be impossible for him to bring things like a Golden Crust pizza or some orange chicken from Panda Express. I’ve already ordered a few bike things online that I need to get me through the last few months of the trip, but what would really be great is some (hand-written) notes from folks in the US (we’ll be hiking around for a few weeks before I get back on my bike, so anything that doesn’t fit in an envelope won’t really be feasible unfortunately). It looks like I’ll still be on the bike for Christmas and my birthday (and Valentine’s as well!), so if you feel so inclined, you are welcome to send me something. I’m designating my sister as the person to get mail to, if you need her address please send me an email at  Otherwise, if you are in Chicago and will see Hawk himself, hand stuff off to him directly.

Thanks all!

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