Flat from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

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  • Jay

    I had to look up sinusoidal, your writing is both entertaining and educational, thanks Jay

  • Darin

    I’m feeling the fascination with regard to the sinusoidal trails :) Your tweet brings back fond memories of pH curves from a chemistry class many years ago!

  • Juan Daniel Sánchez Morales

    Hola Mateo, es increible como llegaste hasta allá. Tia Lupita, José Esteban y yo estamos muy orgullosos de ti, ánimo.

    Te mandamos un fuerte abrazo

  • PaulErickson

    Hey, Matt,

    If you go through Cochabamba, I know a good place where you can stay. SIM Bolivia guest house. Tele 4284822. Ask for Lorna Bailey. Tell her how you know me. We are members of SIM, have been in Bolivia for 20+ years, partially supported by Faith Cove, Farmington Hills MI, First Cove Red Oak, IA and First Cove, Peoria, IL. North Park grads. Attended our first Bible studies in Spanish with your uncle Mark at the corner of Kedzie and Ainslie.
    Happy cycling.

    Paul Erickson

    • admin

      Hi Paul, thanks so much for the contact info, but I won’t be passing through Cochabamba.

    • Rick Edwards

      Hello Paul,
      Could you tell me the status of the SIM Mission House. I heard that it was no longer an option to stay there now that Lorna is gone. We are planning a trip down in July and we have always stayed at the Mission House in the past. Also if you have a way to get up with Lorna I would apprecitate that info.
      Thanks and God Bless,
      Rick Edwards in North Carolina

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