On my way

I’m almost all packed up after 4 nights here in Prince George.  I spent a while working on uploading 2 months worth of pictures, they are all organized by the highways I was on, and also by a few other themes.  Head on over to my flickr account. I still need to work on some [...]

Fourth of July

I’ve been uploading plenty of pictures on my flickr account, trying to catch up with almost 2 months of stuff. As tens of thousands of people gathered on the shores of Lake Michigan to celebrate the Fourth, I was by myself in the middle of Alaska, with nary a patriotic display to be seen.  During [...]

Prince George, BC

After being on rather desolate highways for weeks, approaching a city of 70,000+ is quite overwhelming!  Especially around here, there is a lot of logging and farming, so there are trucks loaded high with lumber and bales of hay whizzing by.  Unlike the Cassiar, or even the Yellowhead Hwy a few days ago, the traffic [...]

Houston, BC

I started my day off in Hyder, AK at the bear viewing boardwalk.  It is a little creek and pond where bears, black and grizzly come to feast on salmon, and tourists with ginourmous lenses wait to take pictures from a boardwalk.  After about an hour I had only seen a bear way in the [...]

Hyder, Alaska

[Dear readers, I thought this update had gone through, but it turns out it didn't.  So here it is anyway, 5 days late.] A quick update to say that after 14 days on the bike, with the last week being particularly rough with a doubly whammy of stomach illness and awful headwinds, I’m taking a [...]

Call #2 from Canda

Hey guys…Karen here again. Before Matt’s big trip I wasn’t  one to answer my cell phone when I didn’t recognise the phone number. This summer I quickly learned that I really do need to answer it because most likely it is Matt calling from the middle of nowhere letting me know he’s alive. The second [...]