Call #2 from Canda

Hey guys…Karen here again.

Before Matt’s big trip I wasn’t  one to answer my cell phone when I didn’t recognise the phone number. This summer I quickly learned that I really do need to answer it because most likely it is Matt calling from the middle of nowhere letting me know he’s alive. The second lesson I’ve learned is to carry a pen and paper with me wherever I go or else I won’t remember where he is.

The last phone call I received from Matt was on Monday August 17th. His phone card was down to 3 minutes. Before the recorded voice interrupted us to tell us the phone card was almost done I was able to get the following update:

Matt is still on the Cassiar Highway, halfway between the Alaska and Yellowhead Highway. He had to take a few days off because he was sick for a while but is feeling better and his journey continues….

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