When we were deciding whether to take the more traditional route from Alaska into Canada or the detour through Dawson City and the Klondike Hwy, I came across this in the guide book: That pretty much settled it!  There is even an airstrip named in honor of these gargantuan cinnamon buns.  Should be there in [...]

Stewart Crossing, Yukon

We talked to a guy in Alaska that said the first freeze should happen around the 3rd week in August, that added some sort of urgency to the need to continue southward. Now it is 90 °F at 9pm.  The heat these past two days has taken the enjoyment out of everything.  The weather the [...]

Dawson City, Yukon

We made it to the Canada-US border yesterday and camped somewhere on the Top of The World highway, and finished the last 40 miles today.  Dawson City is a quirky little town, right now I’m really happy to get some coffee and a real meal.  More later.


Legend goes that the people that named the place wanted to call it Ptarmigan but didn’t know how to spell it so they settled on Chicken. I’m in Beautiful Downtown Chicken, which consists of three storefronts.  We stopped for burgers and now I’m enjoying a great cinnamon roll. We’d like to make it another 20-30 [...]


Got the bike all fixed up and made it from Delta Junction to Tok in two days.  Fairly tame terrain, not much climbing. We’re trying to leave Tok “early” (before 10am), and will try to take a big bite out of the Taylor Hwy.  Instead of continuing on the Alaska Hwy into Canada, we’re going [...]

Third time is a charm

I’m back in Fairbanks for the third time this month (if you count my overnight layover in the airport). The gravel and washboard on the Denali Highway was not nice to my bike.  At some point as we were cruising down a hill I hit a rock and remember thinking the sound it made against [...]