Tangle Lakes

Since last checking in at Healy, we rode south past Denali National Park (but didn’t actually go into the park) to Cantwell, and have been going east on the Denali Highway (not actually in the Denali NP) for over 100 miles. I was a little unsure about taking this detour on our way down into [...]

Healy, AK

We left Fairbanks yesterday, and it has been two rather un-noteworthy days.  Only just today in the afternoon have we gotten close enough to Denali National Park to encounter some interesting terrain and scenery.  It has been really hazy from nearby forest fires.  It has also be really hot, so even two short 55 mile [...]

Leaving Fairbanks

Baptiste got his bike fixed and has patiently been waiting here in Fairbanks for me to finish up the Dalton.  I’ve rested up for two days and we’ll be leaving sometime this Sunday south on the Parks Highway.  I had originally thought we’d head directly southeast to Delta Junction, and then Tok, but we decided [...]

Dalton Highway Photos

I’ve inserted many pictures from my Flickr set in the blog post below, but if you want to browse pictures seperately, click here.

The One Hundred Hour Day

The night at the tiny, tidy Fairbanks airport was rather restless; unfortunately they don’t turn the lights or the easy listening music off (Pure Shores by All Saints!!!), and I think my body was a little thrown off by how light it was outside.  After flying to Prudhoe Bay, the sun wouldn’t set for several [...]


I made it into Fairbanks alive and well late last night and camped out at a hostel. The internet here is pretty slow, so I’ll be headed to a coffee shop later today to upload pictures and recount the last 10 days of my trip. Happy weekend!