Leaving Fairbanks

Baptiste got his bike fixed and has patiently been waiting here in Fairbanks for me to finish up the Dalton.  I’ve rested up for two days and we’ll be leaving sometime this Sunday south on the Parks Highway.  I had originally thought we’d head directly southeast to Delta Junction, and then Tok, but we decided to do a little detour.  I guess the last week of gravel roads and mountain passes didn’t teach me a lesson!

We plan on heading south on the (George) Parks Highway, which goes by Denali National Park (maybe we’ll venture in on bike or foot for a little), as far as Cantwell, then east on the Denali Highway (unpaved, with the 2nd highest mountain pass in Alaska) to Paxson, then north on the Richardson to Delta Junction, for a total of about 350 miles, maybe a week.

Sorry, its too late at night to come up with a map (the sun is now actually rising).  Google maps doesn’t show half the roads in Alaska, so it is not helpful either.  For now, your best bet may be to pull ouut an atlas to see where I’ll be.

I have no idea of internet availability for the next week, but I’ll check in with my sister Karen via telephone when I can and she can pass on my whereabouts here on the blog.

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