Empalme to Navojoa

The bed in the guest house is all springs, I get my Thermarest out and place it on top.  The floor would probably be more comfortable, but there is barely space as it is with my bike in the room.  Plus I’m a little afraid of what might be living underneath the bed. There isn’t [...]

Empalme, SON

The hotel in Benjami’n Hill has a gated entrance that gets closed at night.  I look around the courtyard to find the owner.  I ask him if he could please open the gate, as I’d like to run to the corner store.  ”Well” he says, “I don’t know what _ustedes_ usually eat (you guys? cyclists? [...]

Benjamín Hill, SON

I wake up and look at the clock, 7:53.  What?  I’ve been getting up consistently at 7:30 give or take 5 minutes without an alarm clock for several weeks now.  I attribute the extra sleep to the 60 mostly uphill miles from Tucson to Patagonia the day before.  I camped out a few miles out [...]

Tucson, AZ

Over a week has gone by since my last update!  I’ve been in Tucson since Monday, graciously hosted by the Pirzynski, Quiroga and Johnson families.  I’ve been rather busy running errands and also just relaxing.  This feels like a time of transitioning into a new stage of the trip, Mexico.  I should be crossing the [...]

Payson, AZ

Had a wonderful time in Prescott, and since leaving, have put in some rather short distances, in part because of the terrain, and in part not feeling very motivated to get anywhere. It looks like I’ll be heading to Tucson.