Tucson, AZ

Over a week has gone by since my last update!  I’ve been in Tucson since Monday, graciously hosted by the Pirzynski, Quiroga and Johnson families.  I’ve been rather busy running errands and also just relaxing.  This feels like a time of transitioning into a new stage of the trip, Mexico.  I should be crossing the border at Nogales on Monday.  Things are going to get really interesting!

I sent over 11 pounds of stuff home; some of it things I’ve barely used the past 4 months, a bunch of maps and a few books, license plates I’ve found along the road and a heavy jacket I don’t expect to need anytime soon.

Bad news  I can’t let get to me… while out shopping today, somewhere in Tucson, someone stole my water bottle that has the logo of Cycle Smithy, the place I got my bike.  It happened to be my favorite water bottle of the two I have, the other is an uninspiring Performance Bike bottle.  Rather irritating.  Am I surprised it happened in the largest city of my trip so far?  Not really.

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  • Strom

    Matto, thought of you this morning when I heard a radio commercial for a new treatment for Breast Cancer it was called MamoFocus. I don’t know about you, but maybe you should think about changing the name of the website! :-)

    Holla mamo! Keep on truckin!

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