I made it into Fairbanks alive and well late last night and camped out at a hostel. The internet here is pretty slow, so I’ll be headed to a coffee shop later today to upload pictures and recount the last 10 days of my trip.

Happy weekend!

6 comments to Fairbanks

  • Good work dude!
    I wish I was there with you like we planned…

  • Stephanie B

    Hi Matt, from Stephanie (Brendan Short’s wife)! We are both following your progress. I think this is just about the most amazing thing ever. I am anxiously awaiting your vivid description of the first few “official” days on the road. Good luck with the mosquitoes… I am so sorry. They are the worst!

    Hang in there and que te vaya bien!


  • Stephanie B

    sorry Matt, I gave the wrong email address before and wanted you to have the correct one!

  • Vinayak Marwah

    I like hostels, bunker beds, how is this one, is it clean, how has the weather been

  • Janice

    ¡¡¡FELICITACIONES!!! ¡Bien hecho! Love, Dad and Mom

    PS Just got back from Las Cavas. Gave the owners your info. Sr. Nieto said if he were 20 years younger he’d be traveling with you.

  • You made it! I bet you were sweating up some of those hills! On Wednesday was the first 90F day in Fairbanks in 15 years. And then did you get rained on? How were the gravel roads after the rain?

    After 1 restday in Fairbanks I continued to Delta Jct yesterday and then to Tok today. Might need another restday at this pace…

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