Watson Lake

Hello everyone! This is Matt’s sister Karen. Matt called me last night (Monday August 10th) to let me know that he is 20 miles west of Watson Lake at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 37. Instead of taking the Alaska Highway to Dawson Creek he will be taking Cassiar Highway south to Yellowhead [...]

Small World

I’ve thought about writing a post that would tell you about all the connections of some of the people and places on this trip so far.  A few would be about cyclists that I’ve run into a few times, others would be about people we met along the way that recalled meeting cyclists I’d heard [...]


In an interesting turn of events after my last update, we ended up staying in Whitehorse on Tuesday to help out at the bakery run by our host we found through couchsurfing.org.  A great place with amazing food and people! We liked it so much we’re staying another day, and will probably get going again Thursday [...]

To Do

We arrived early afternoon yesterday, Sunday, in Whitehorse after camping out on the marge of Lake Laberge (or Lake Lebarge if you need your poem to rhyme) the night before.  The weather has finally cooled down, but there is still a haze that makes me wonder if I am not in Mexico City right now. [...]