My 15 minutes?

In case you missed it the other night, here is a link to my interview with Phil Ponce on Chicago Tonight. I was contacted by them and was asked if I wanted to come in for a segment.  This being WTTW and a great show, I thought it too good an opportunity to turn down.

So there you are!  Many thanks to Chicago Tonight for having me!

5 comments to My 15 minutes?

  • Jay

    You never cease to amaze me, Great interview! Nice to see you back in Chicago, let us know if you need a home cooked meal. Welcome home, Jay

  • Dennis Carlson

    Very Cool! Great interview. Again, it made me think of my modest little ride of 2,950 miles zig-zagging north to south-east from Minneapolis to Miami years ago, when folks likewise opened up their homes and churches with gracious hospitality to unknown strangers. You look great after all the miles!

  • Awesome story! I sent you an email but just wanted to check up on here. I’m assistant arts & culture editor at the Columbia Chronicle and a cycling enthusiast. I’d love to do a profile on you. If you have any time in the next few days for a phone interview, let me know. My work phone is (312) 369-8975. Hope to hear back from you!

  • Leah

    You’re amazing.

  • Cass Gilbert

    I hardly recognised you without the beard! (and shades)

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