Naucalpan, MEX

[Naucalpan is but one of the many smaller city entities in the state of Mexico that makes up the metropolitan area of Mexico City.  The capital of Mexico is the Distrito Federal, much like Washington DC is the capital of the USA.  The state of Mexico borders most of the Federal District.]

I last updated over two weeks ago (sorry!) from Guadalajara.  After a bus ride into Mexico City, I spent Christmas with my friends the Petersons.  The next day I met up with my friend Karla, who I’ve known since grade school and then in Chicago.  I accompanied her and her family for a few days in the coastal state of Veracruz.  We returned to Mexico City in time for New Years.  Starting on New Year’s eve, the next 48 hours were a continuous celebration as relatives came to visit and eat.  Karla’s family has been very welcoming and I have enjoyed participating in all the holiday festivities.

I’ve worked on getting photos from my last few days in Arizona and then Sonora, the first state I crossed in Mexico.  I have plenty more photos from Mexico to sort through but in the meantime here is a sample of sights so far:



Arekowata Hot Springs

Bountiful Citrus


Urique River


Fish Market



Bathroom Humor


Cafe Catedral

11 comments to Naucalpan, MEX

  • Ruth

    I’ve been to Naucalpan…only a year off from you! I’m excited to spend the next day or two looking through your pics. Thanks for uploading them and continuing to make me jealous. Expect an email soonish.

  • Marta Johnson

    Great pictures, Matt! I’ve enjoyed tracking your journey via blog. Happy New Year!

  • Kristen

    Mmmmm Coke from a glass bottle!

  • Linder

    missed you in chicago matto. it was good to be back, but there was a mamother-shaped hole in my heart during those days. glad to see you’re still going strong. and your beard is awesome.

  • Karima

    Enjoying your posts…
    Yay for Naucalpan! I second the beard comment, keep it up!

  • jon pulley

    Matthew- nice job on the adventure. Spoke to Holmes today and he told be about it. Safe pedaling and love ‘biker’ the beard!

  • Hawk

    I mock your beard because it’s not really a beard, it’s a neard. Also, mine doesn’t grow as well…

  • Arizona Bob

    Just spent a fabulous evening with your Dad here in Phoenix. He was reporting to our church on the latest work he and your Mom are doing in Mexico City. My wife and I spent a tremendous week with your parents a few years ago. It was so good to see him again. He mentioned your trip and the website, so here I am!

  • Darin

    Pelicans, wow! I enjoy following your journey, Matt. Am about to go drink some glogg in your honor! Best to you.

    • admin

      The pelicans were hanging out at the fish market in hopes for some scraps!
      I’m sad I missed out on the annual get together! I think I had been to the last 4 or 5 of them, and they were a highlight of the start of each year.

  • Hey Matt – i am less than 200km from Puebla and depending how much i want to throw down could be roliing into there tomorrow evening. I am pretty sure i have a place to stay in cholula, puebla through – right now i am writing from cd. sahagun. i was going to avoid Mexico city on my bike. we should be able to catch up – gots no phone but i will stay on the email and will be chillin a bit in cholula. where are you heading from there?

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