Back in the US of A!

Hello to all! This is Matt’s sister Karen passing his latest update along. After not hearing Matt’s voice for about a month it was great to once again see a number on my caller ID that I did not recognize.
At about 8pm Matt called to say that he has made it across the border and is in Montana. Today, he biked through Glacier National Park and is now in West Glacier spending the night at a campsite 2 miles into West Glacier Park. The past few days he had beautiful weather. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. This was a nice change after the unfortunate weather he experienced in Jasper.
Tomorrow morning, our cousin Ingrid is taking the Amtrak train out to meet him and spend some time hiking. The forecast for the next few days is looking good despite the likely clouds.
I was able to call him back on the pay-phone he was at and spend some time having a real conversation.
Matt will probably not have internet access till Saturday. Since he hasn’t been able to check his blog, he asked me to please read him the comments you have left on here- so keep them coming, he really enjoys them! He sends his greetings to all and will check back in as soon as he can.


4 comments to Back in the US of A!

  • Cooper

    Congrats Matt! Did you get your passport stamped at all yet? Would be pretty cool to have a stamp from a foot/bike crossing in Montana.

    Enjoy hiking in Glacier. Really wish I could be there. Let me know when you’re gonna be in Utah 8)

  • Holla Mamo,
    Welcome back to ‘Mmmmerik-uh!
    Keep freedom on the march… err pedal.

    Pete (and Amy)

  • Janice

    ¡¡Bienvenido!! Enjoy your time with Ingrid. Love, Dad and Mom

  • Michael

    Hi Matt!
    This is Michael, the german cycist you met on the denali highway. sorry about leaving so early and unnoticed, but i had some problems with my eye and the need to see a doctor. before i could get there, everything was fine again though :)
    good to hear you are doing well and already reached the states. i myself am shortly before vancouver and will leave in about ten days. had a great ride through the country, for the last week along the trans canada trail, which was especially enjoyable because of its lack of traffic and general remoteness. right now i am looking forward to the sunshine coast and vancouver island…
    take care and safe travels,

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