Banff, AB

A quick note for those of you that probably will be at a computer in only a few hours (you probably have an office job or something), as I may not update again until later tomorrow, Tuesday.

I arrived in Banff just as it was getting dark.  Cold after a few days of rain and ice, I decided to check into a hostel.  It was only few dollars more than the local Banff National Park campsites anyway, and I’ve ended up with a dorm room all to myself.

I was hoping to take a day off tomorrow, but am not sure Banff is the place to do it.  Real expensive (the guidebook says “resort town”), and despite a long week, am looking forward to being back in the USA in less than a week, so am tempted to just keep going.  Gorgeous surroundings, to be sure, but boutique filled streets are just not my thing.

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