Highway 101

Just a quick note from Aberdeen, Washington.

My parents dropped Luke and I off in Rainier, Oregon on Thursday, and we biked west to Astoria, where we then crossed North America’s longest continuous truss bridge.  Despite this intimidating label, traffic was light and crossing north into Washington was fun.

The moment we crossed into Washington it began to drizzle, and wouldn’t stop for at least 12 hours.  Tired after 52 miles on our first day on the bikes, we pulled into an RV park and camped for $10.  It wasn’t any state park, but it was probably cheaper and full of as many RVs, and had a view of the ocean.

We woke up on Friday after sleeping in and got a late start to the day.  Although it drizzled on and off all day, we were never really soaked through.  We passed countless salmonberry bushes, and at one point filled up a Nalgene bottle full of them.

At Raymond we headed west on highway 105, and pitched our tent on a gravel pull out on the side of the road in Tokeland, exhausted after a 75 mile day.  We awoke at 7 when trucks pulled up and parked; several families had shown up to go clamming.  No one seemed to care that we were camped out right there.

We have been blessed with good weather today, though with somewhat of a headwind.  We hope to get to Quinault to camp tonight.

Pictures coming soon!

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