Afton, WY


I decided that after 3 months and over 4,000 miles on the road, it was time to treat myself to a motel!  It has been snowing on and off all day, and the road just ahead goes over a 7,600 ft pass, which I wasn’t up  for trying in this weather.  Things should be clearing up tomorrow, still cold, but at least some blue skies hopefully.


Well, I am off to get my money’s worth and enjoy some cable TV!


5 comments to Afton, WY

  • Hey Matt, good to hear you’re still truckin’

    Let’s hope this snow clears soon…


  • Jo Ellen

    Hi Matt-
    I’m glad you decided to treat yourself to a warm room and some cable T.V. I enjoy following your adventures.

    Jo Ellen

  • Jay Nordstrom

    Great to hear form you, I follow your travels every few days and update the family. We pray for your safe travels, enjoy your time, the pictures are great. Gods speed, Jay

  • Seth

    Hey Matt!

    Do you have a general idea what route you will be taking through Utah (and when you’ll be around there)? There are parts of Utah that are 5 hours from me…

  • Dennis Carlson

    Hey Matt,
    just catching up on your amazing adventures! Your trek makes my 3,000 mile bike ride from Minneapolis to Miami in Fall of 1975 seem like a spin in the park by comparison. I will look forward to reading more along the way. Stay safe–and warm!!
    Dennis Carlson
    Farmington Hills, MI

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