16,000 & 16,500

16000 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

Don’t eat cookies right before you shoot a video!  I got hooked on the Frutigran brand in Argentina.  The ones with flax and chia seed were great.

16500 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

Sporting my Fine Italian Merino sweater bought at Village Discount for a few dollars.

3 comments to 16,000 & 16,500

  • 16000) I’m not sure it’s ever a bad time to eat cookies. But if you say so, I might just have to forego shooting videos. : )

    16500) I got a good-as-new merino sweater for $6 a few months ago. Italian would have been more exciting than Banana Republic, but I’ll take it. Kelz and I call such things “VDO fashion.” (When you are on the last week of your trip, I’ll be seeing both our sisters en France!)

  • Susan McCausland

    I hope you like the coffee curious which brand my brother gave you. If it was Mr. Espresso then i think thats a real treat! Good luck!

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