Photo Competition Entries

Adventure Cycling Association, an organization dedicated to promoting travel by bicycle, is holding their 2nd annual photography competition. When I passed through Missoula, Montana over a year ago I got to drop in on their offices and spent a little while talking to one of the founders, Greg Siple, which was great.  He biked from Alaska to Argentina almost 40 years ago, his must have been one hundred times the adventure my trip has been.

I’d like your help picking out 5 entries to submit to the contest. The guidelines for their competition state: “We are looking for striking digital images that capture the spirit, wonder and adventure of bicycle touring and travel.”  While I’ve come across some amazing scenery and settings, most of my pictures don’t include anything cycling related (I just happened to get there by bike), but after a year and a half on the road I have a few pictures that might be worth entering, mostly of other cyclists I’ve biked with at some point.  Last year’s winners can be seen in here [PDF].

Here they are, in no particular order (actually, they are in reverse chronological order).

[UPDATE Jan 2nd:  I ended up submitting pictures 1, 3, 5, 11, 14, though in slightly different versions because of the resolution that was required in the competition (ie I had to zoom out of some of them so the resolution would be high enough).  I'll update you guys as soon as I know the results of the competition.  Thanks all for your input]

I’ll submit them sometime next week, they are due by the end of December.  Any input would be appreciated!  Thanks much.

1.  Greg approaching the 16,000 foot pass in Huascaran National Park, Peru.


2. Same as above.


3.  Same as above


4.  Same as above


5.  Cycling buddies Torrey, Lucie and Greg entering Huascaran National Park in Peru.

Turnoff into Huascaran National Park

6.  Dylan crossing an old railroad bridge.


7.  Not just any upsidedown picture, this one is of me just a few miles away from the Continental Divide at around 3,500 feet above sea level, with a view of the Pacific ocean, don’t know of anywhere else in the Americas that is possible except for narrow Panama.  On the way down, got up to 50mph and lost my sunglasses.


8.  Greg and Paul near Almirante, Panama.


9.  Just another day in sticky, sweaty Central America.  Paul and I take a break on the road.


10.  Near Escalante, Utah.


11.  Generally don’t think a slightly blurry shadow picture might have much appeal, but the light was amazing one afternoon in Montana.


12.  The best bathrooms on the trip… Canadian provincial outhouses.  Generally pretty clean, and no plumbing to break. (Yes, you can see my bike so maybe it counts as a “bike touring” picture).

Bathroom with a View

13.  Alaska!  I almost decapitated myself with the ax hanging in the antlers.  I bumped it with my head and it fell, nearly missing me and the bike.


14.  Baptiste crossing the Susitna river on the Denali Highway.


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