Observations from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.

A few notes:

The first scene is after we pulled over to take pictures of the Pacific from the mountains dividing Panama.  Only 10 miles earlier we had finished the arduous climb up from the Carribean.  We were lucky with the clouds and got to see both oceans from 4,000 feet.  Where else in the world can you bike 10 miles to see two oceans?

The beetle you see crawled under Paul’s tent at night and started chewing (!) a hole through his ground tarp.  Before falling asleep I heard something making noise next to the windscreen on my stove, I looked out of the tent and first mistook this giant animal for a mouse, it was that big!  We slept next to the visitors center near the dam at La Fortuna resevoir, and the guard that morning saw us trying to shake the beetle of the tarp, but it was holding on tight, so he yanked it off for us.

After 3 nights of camping and 4 days of miserable sweat and rain, I just wanted to find a shower.  We arrived at a town that had a hospedaje, but of course the town’s water had been turned off hours before.  That afternoon an incredible storm came in and it made for a perfect cold shower with the runoff from the roof.  Best water pressure in a long time!  The hotel owner was bundled up, as the storm brought in some chilly weather (it must have gotten all the way down to 70 degrees F!).

The leaves closing up are of the sensitive plants that have been along the roadside since Costa Rica.  Daily progress has slowed down as I have the need to stop and poke them all and watch them close up.  I squirted water from my bike bottle for the video, it looks more natural than a stick or finger.

18 comments to Observations

  • Linder

    awesome matto. nice work behind the lens as always.

  • Lauri Moser

    if i have nightmares with bugs tonight, it will be your fault.

    xoxoxo, your neighbor for life!

    p.s. love the kid.

  • Linder

    sorry, two more things:

    1. was that footage of you peeing on those plants?

    2. love the kid barefoot running at the end.

  • Aunt Karen J

    Love this – especially the little boy running. Love you too!

  • MIchelle Nicolet

    Loved the video peek at your adventure!

  • Jay

    Love the cinematography always enjoy the adventure Matt, thanks for taking the time to share, stay safe–the Nordstroms

  • So very cool. All of it. You are creative, adventuresome, courageous, funny, and persistent.

  • Oh…and I love the boy running. You can hear his breathing pickup and see his excitement. So its all downhill now, right?

  • Dennis Carlson

    Amazing as always, Matt! Nice article on you in the North Parker magazine as well! Did they mail you a copy down there in Panama?!?! Fun to live out so dreams vicariously through your adventures. I did run the Race for the Cure 5km from Comerica Park in downtown Detroit today with about 30,000 others, but that is like so nothing compared to what you’re doing. Looked like you have been traveling with another biker or two. Bendiciones! Dennis & Mary Lynn

  • Jo Ellen

    What a great series of video snapshots of what life on a bike has been like.

  • Ty

    Dude, great stuff! It’s great to see video of just some of your experiences. I look forward to it. Keep rollin and shooting.

  • Tim King

    My grandma just watched your video and is cheering you on and wants to make sure you have enough clean underwear. If you miss Fruit of the Loom just let us know where to mail you some.

  • Lieuken

    [shaving gesture]

  • Matt

    Thank you all for the feedback! I had fun trying to think of shots to get to include in the video, it was a good distraction from the daily grind of pedaling. I hope to get creative again and do something similar for the road ahead. I agree, the kid at the end is my favorite as well. Of course, this is kind of the ‘best of’ of the trip, maybe I should try to make a ‘worst of’, but I’m generally in too foul of a mood at those times to want to tape.

  • Grandmama

    Hi nieto. Just watched your video and am very impressed. Please don’t forget to write a book so I can sell them to work my way through college. You know your father made his first million selling books. I thoroughly enjoyed your report and I hope to read future ones also. I pray every night for your safety and your health. Please put Covenant Village on your itinerary for your first USA visit. I will love to see you. Take good care of yourself and keep the faith! Lots of love, Grandmama

  • cass

    love the video, Matt.
    I’m melting in Flores…

  • Meagan Gillan

    Awesome, Matt. Thank you so much. You transported me for a few precious moments.

  • Increíble el video. Tiene un mensaje sobre lo maravilloso que son la cosas sencillas en vida. Muestra un gran amor a la vida. Gracias por compartirlo.

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