Rosamorada, NAY

While in Mazatlan (eating fresh fish probably) I was looking at a map when I realized had crossed the Tropic of Cancer just the day before.  Either there was no sign on the highway or I missed it, so no picture.  Oh well, on to the equator!

NAY stands for Nayarit, which is the 3rd state of Mexico on this trip so far.  Up until now I’ve mostly been at sea level, though tomorrow I am headed to Tepic, at about 3,000 feet.  I’ve done little climbing the past month and a half, so it will be a little challenging.

I ran into a cyclist yesterday, Nelson from Portugal.  He started in New Jersey about 5 months ago.  It has been good to have some company, the last time I cycled with someone was in Arizona over a month and a half ago.

From here I plan on going to Guadalajara and from there figuring out where to go for the Christmas and New Years.

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