General Delivery

I’ve had folks ask me if there is a way to send me things.  I’ve finally gotten my act together and planned ahead enough where I know where I’ll be in a week.  If you send stuff out on Monday, it should arrive in plenty of time.  I should be arriving in Prescott Wednesday or Thursday, and will be there for a day or two.

First and last chance to send me mail while I’m in the USA!

Matthew Kelly
PRESCOTT, AZ 86301-9998

(Since it is General Delivery at a US Post Office, you must send it via the US Postal Service!)

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  • Barbara Goode

    Hi Matt, I have a friend in Prescott Valley, AZ – used to work at Swedish Covenant Hospital. I called her that you are coming through. She loves company, especially from Chicago where she lived for most of her life. Her name is Kay Asimakis and her address is _______, Prescott Valley ________. She will welcome you and even offer her guest room and shower! Hope it works out. Barb Goode

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