Jackson, WY

Unfortunately, I felt harried during most of my time in Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  I had come after most of the campgrounds had closed for the season, and the ones that were open are run by private concessioners and charge up to $19 for camping sites.  This, in addition to road closures in the park meant I spent most of my time worrying about logistics and hurrying from one place to another without much time to enjoy the scenery.  I don’t expect to be biking through National Parks again any time soon, too many rules and regulations.   I really miss Alaska and Canada, where for the most part no one cares where you set up your tent!

From Jackson I head generally south, mostly following the Wyoming-Idaho border all the way to Utah.

2 comments to Jackson, WY

  • KK

    No te desesperes, ya casi llegas a utah! Can you give us a new address to send you goodies?

  • Lauri Moser

    Yessss, Utah! During my drive across the states, Utah turned out to be my favorite state. I had no idea how much beauty it held until I was driving and without any notice there was red rocks all around me! Have fun! xoxo

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