Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

[Yes, that is me, holding up the cast iron skillet I've been hauling along the whole way] At around 3:00pm local time I got to Ushuaia, after almost 21 months since departing from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Right now the fact that I’m done with this trip is only starting to sink in. As far as [...]


17500 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo.


17000 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. Made it to 17,000 miles (27,400 km) on the odometer yesterday.  Why am I shouting?  It was so windy and I wanted to make sure I could be heard. And it really was that difficult to hold the camera still. “Hello, welcome to 17,000 miles.  It is windy out [...]

Perito Moreno, Argentina

Surprise, greetings from Perito Moreno, Argentina (see map to the right)! A not so slight change in course. How did I end up here? By bike of course (and a ferry ride across Lago, South America’s second largest lake). But what made me decide to come this way? On my way out of Coyhaique, I [...]

Coyhaique, Chile

Time is flying! February is almost done. So what happened the last 2 weeks? I rode from Bariloche to El Bolson and met Greg there. We took a day off to get our bikes tuned up, and I packed a box with 5 kilos of junk I didn’t need and sent it on to Buenos [...]

16,000 & 16,500

16000 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. Don’t eat cookies right before you shoot a video!  I got hooked on the Frutigran brand in Argentina.  The ones with flax and chia seed were great. 16500 from Matt Kelly on Vimeo. Sporting my Fine Italian Merino sweater bought at Village Discount for a few dollars.